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Wholesale Trampolines fron China Customized With Your Logo!

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  • Tips for Customized Promotional Products: Buying Customized Promotional Products are usually imprinted with a company's name, logo or slogan, and given away at trade shows, conferences, and as part of guerrilla marketing campaigns. promotional products can be fun but overwhelming part of any marketing program. When you buy Customized Products, you may want to know how to Imprinting your Logo, Customized Logo have many Imprint Method, Pleas contact us and we will give you a ideal alternative.

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  • AmyC20050403225
  • 2016-06-28

Product Name Trampoline Country of Origin China Product Description Size: 115cmx97cmx24.5cm Meas:125cmx98cmx5.5cm G.w/N.w:17kgs/15kgs


Mini Trampoline

Mini Trampoline

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  • C20050403955
  • 2016-06-28

Product Name Mini Trampoline Country of Origin CHINA Specifications 36/38/40/44/48/55Mini Trampoline Model: TRMI-0036 SIZE: Ø 36 (92 cm) H 8.5TUBE SIZE: Ø 25 mmX2.0 mm (leg) 〖 25 mmX1.0 mm (frame) MAT: PP TRAMPOLINE CLOTH PAD: PVC (0.25mm)+foam(5 mm)+transparent PVC (0.1 mm)PACKING: 1 SET / CTNREMARK: 32 Pcs Spring & 6 LegsMin order: 1x40 containerPayment Details: L/C or T/T Standard Met: GS Model: TRMI-0038SIZE: Ø 38 (97cm) H 8.5TUBE SIZE: Ø 25 mmX2.0 mm (leg) 〖 25 mmX1.0 mm (frame)MAT: PP TRAMPOLINE CLOTH PAD: PVC(0.25 mm)+foam(5 mm) +transparent PVC(0.1 mm)PACKING: 1 SET / CTNREMARK: 32 Pcs Spring & 6 LegsMin order: 1x40 containerPayment Details: L/C or T/T Standard Met: GS Model: TRMI-0040 SIZE: Ø 40 (102 cm) H 8.5TUBE SIZE: Ø 25 mmX2.0 mm (l


trampoline 32 inch -60 inch

trampoline 32"-60"

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  • MemberJY-TM01
  • 2010-06-04

32"xH22.5 36"xH22.5 38"xH22.5 40"xH22.5 45"xH22.5 8"xH22.5 50"xH22.5 54"xH22.5 60"xH22.5 CTN MEAS(cm): 82.5x82.5x5.3 92.5x92.5x5.3 98x98x5.3 103x103x5.3 115x115x5.3 123x123x5.3 128x128x5.3 138x138x5.3 154x154x5.3 G. W/N. W(kg): 5/4, 6.5/5.5, 7.5/6.6, 8/7, 9/8, 12/10, 14.5/11, 15/12, 17/14 CONTAINER QUANTITY(pcs): 784(20")/1584(40")/1864(40"HQ) 656(20")/1328(40")/1424(40"HQ) 600(20")/1200(40")/1296(40"HQ)


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