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Wholesale Ceramic Heater Direct From China

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Ceramic Heater

Ceramic Heater

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  • C20050331675
  • 2011-01-03

Product Name Ceramic Heater 8022 Brand OEM available Country of Origin Taiwan specifications 2 Speeds W/Steam 1200W Adjustable Wind Louver Tip-Over Switch Remote Control (Optional)


E-4 Portable Ceramic Radiant Heater

E-4 Portable Ceramic Radiant Heater

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  • C20050331120
  • 2010-12-03

Product Name #E-4 Portable Ceramic Radiant Heater Brand OEM available Country of Origin China Specifications LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: 1,000WRATED VOLTAGE: 100V/240V availableCompact slim size: W54.5 cm X H43 cm X D4.5 cm(stand excluded) Advantages 1. No extra ventilating, humidifying, or dusting devices are needed.2. No flammable fire and no oxygen consumption, entirely safety.3. Heat up quickly, achieving peak temperature within five minutes.4. Distribute heat over full surface, maintaining optimal comfort in a room sooner and at lower temperature settings than other kinds of heater.4. Constant, even, and sun-like radiant heat with no cold spots. 5. Healthy and clean radiant heat producing the comfortable warmth as the sun, and producing no chemicals, dust particles, odors, or fumes. Export Markets Asia,


Honeywell Oscillating Sure-Set Ceramic Heater

Honeywell Oscillating Sure-Set Ceramic Heater

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  • SZSP271826
  • 2010-05-11

Precision-Set Temperature Control maintains the exact, to the degree, temperature desired, Large, Easy to Read LCD Display visible from up to 15 feet away, 1-10 Hour Timer Function enables 1 hour increment timer settings for automatic shut-off, Icons communicate control settings, Temperature Display choices of Fahrenheit and Celsius, Oscillation for Wider Heat Distribution, Triple Safety Protection: 3 Auto Shut-Off Heat Sensors for Added Safety


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