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Room Air Ionizer

Room Air Ionizer

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Product Name Room Air Ionizer AX-YD 305 Country of Origin China Specifications Power source: 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz Negative-ion quantity: 3.3 million/cm3 Power consumption: 20watts Weight: 3.2kg Ozone: 0.04ppm or below Stands: 250mm*180mm*692mm Advantages AX-YD-305 SILENT IONIC BREEZER AGENL Ionic Breezer, a virtually silent air purifier, will effectivelycover 10-60 m2 and leave room with clean, fresh, healthy air. You canliterally feel and smell the difference in just minutes! It has been proven: toremove pollen, dust and animal dander, even bacteria, and some harmful airbornechemicals from carpeting, flooring, paint and household cleaners; to eliminatecigarette smoke and all sorts of offensive odors and leaves the home smelling freshand clean. Advantages: Pretty Efficiency: Removing pollutants in the air that are one micron and larger.Silent Operation and low Maintenance Costs: No fan, no filters and other moving parts Ultra Low Energy Consumption: Unlike other filters, it uses almost no electricityand there are no expensive filters to replace. Uses only 20 watts while other filterscan use 250 watts. Easily to use: 2 Buttons and 1 Timer with every 20seconds, 80seconds,or continuerunning. Easy to Clean: Cleaning takes just a minute. Simply pull out the collection plate,wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge, and slip it back in. Itˇs that easy! Simplyslide out and wipe down blades as needed. Stylish good looks: Conforming to the current style. Three-year Warranty Parameters Payment Details FOB Standard Met 250mm*180mm*692mm

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