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3D Lightbox

3D Lightbox

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Product Name 3D Lightbox specifications 3D light-box is a new hi-tech advertising media, using various types of advanced technology in machinery, optics, electronics, computer and digital graphics, while initializing the light-box display with many advertising pictures as flash in rotary playing. As the advertising in a scenario and the advertising with many products may be displayed in one light-box for a unique effect in the shading flash, showing your unique features in many normal and traditional advertising. Features of 3D light-box1. 2-3 picture display in shading flash effect; 2. The adjustable built-in microcomputer chip control may adjust the stilling time of picture and the transfer speed between pictures for the different advertising effect; 3. Simultaneous running in ling of multi light-boxes in comparable with the TV screens; 4. Expanding the creativity space while improving the advertising profit. 3D light-box now offers indoor, outdoor and super-thin types. 5. long life: 5 years

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