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Very Personalized Promotional Gifts

While every company can organize marketing campaigns through traditional advertising methods, advertising through promotional gifts can bring very good results as well. It is possible to personalize the gifts to carry the logo or company name on each gift. Here are a few promotional gifts that can be easily personalized.

Promotional T-Shirts

Since T-Shirts are worn by almost everyone, these make very good promotional gifts. The large area of the T-Shirt lends itself well for printing promotional content like the company logo, name or any kind of slogan. Since T-Shirts are relatively cheap, they can be bought in bulk as wholesale promotional gifts. They come in a variety of colors and sizes which makes them ideal for distributing to a large variety of people.

Traveler's Medical/Safety Kit

Safety during travel is an important factor, and any gift that caters towards that goal would be highly appreciated and remembered by everyone. There are medical safety kits especially for travelers that are available these days. They come in watertight cases which make it perfect for carrying in a car, a RV or even a boat. They can be easily customized with logos and messages that you wish to print on the cases to make them as promotional products.

Memo Pads

Memo Pads are one of the most used stationery items in every office. Apart from being used on a daily basis, the bits of paper often get circulated and pass through a number of hands. It is possible to print your company name or logo in a single color at one location on the pad. This makes memo pads highly effective as promotional items.

Pocket Fans

It is not possible to find an electrical outlet to operate fans at every location. If you are outdoors or in any place far from a wall socket, you would find a pocket fan highly useful, especially during summer. You can find pocket fans that even come with light. They are powered with 2 AA batteries and you can most often get your company logo printed at any one location on the fan in a single color.

Multi-Color Beach Ball

If you are targeting a more active crowd, you can think of using beach balls for your promotional campaigns. You can choose multi-colored beach balls which come with eight panels. You can have your company name or logo printed in one of the panels for promotional products.

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