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Why Use Promotional Sports Bottles?

Are you looking for the ideal fund-raiser for your athletic club or sporting team? Do you need a promotional item that will get used and noticed at an outdoor event? Is your band playing at a festival and looking for a unique promotional item to sell and give away? Promotional sports bottles are the ideal promotional tool to use for any of those situations and far more.

Why choose promotional sports bottles for your publicity needs? Here are seven good reasons why promotional sports bottles are an ideal promotional giveaway or publicity tool for any outdoor event and many indoor ones.

  1. Sport bottles are an increasingly popular way to tote along your favorite beverage. Sporting enthusiasts happily pay up to £15 for a sports bottle that suits their needs.
  2. Promotional sports bottles fit your budget. With prices running from 99p to £9, you're sure to find a promotional sports bottle that will meet your budget needs.
  3. Promotional sports bottles will fit your image. Whether you're looking for an inexpensive polycarbonate sports bottle with bright logo or an upscale Sigg lightweight aluminum biking bottle, you'll find the perfect promotional sports bottle to publicize your event, band or club.
  4. Promotional sports bottles will be used again and again. One of the biggest advantages of promotional items over other kinds of advertising is their durability. When you take out an advert in your local news, that advert has a limited lifespan. After the newspaper is read, most will end up lining the budgie cage or in the dustbin. Well-chosen promo items, on the other hand, will be used again and again. Your advert is seen over and over and over.
  5. Unlike coffee mugs and desk blotters which don't generally leave the kitchen or the office, promotional sports bottles have legs. That is to say, they are generally used out of doors and carried to events and about in public. That means that more people see your promo advert on the sports bottle than on most other items that you might choose.
  6. Promotional sports bottles are an ideal choice of promo items for groups participating in festivals and other outdoor activities. Nearly everyone is looking for a handy way to tote their drinks with them without spilling them all down the shirt of the bloke standing in the line before them.
  7. Promotional sports bottles are a great value-added promo item. Your club might increase their sales of drinks at a sporting event, for example, by charging double or tripe markup for a drink in a promo mug emblazoned with the team logo.

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