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Promotional Items For Men

When it comes to promotional items, you can find many that are appropriate for both men and women. However, when you are planning to go to a venue where the bulk of the attendees will be male, why not provide promotional items geared just for men? At business luncheons or conferences where you know the number of men will far exceed the number of women, you can offer promotional items that will speak to and be useful to them.

Here are some promotional items currently available that will appeal to the men in your audience:

  1. Travel size shoe shine kits - most hotels now have an iron and ironing board as standard issue. So, traveling men can have unwrinkled and neat looking clothes. However, there is nothing there for the scuffed up shoes that come from walking through airports or outside. A promotional, travel size shoe shine kit is just what men need to look their best overall! When they see your company logo and name, you may get some business as a "thank you"!
  2. Golf accessories - granted, women love the game of golf, too...but when it comes to promoting your business you can use these products mostly with the men. With everything the men might need, like golf balls, tees and gloves, each time they are out on the green they will think of your business.
  3. Pocket knives - although not the best for traveling salesmen, these promotional items are great for the outdoorsmen you may have in your audience. This promotional product comes in many sizes, with various "tools" inside, so you can keep the pocket knife as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Each time it gets used, your company will be advertised to anyone who can see it.
  4. Tool sets - with a wide variety of repair kits and emergency tool boxes, you can find the promotional items that will work with for your customers and with your budget!

Even if you offer some general promotional items that will work with both men and women, having something specially made just for the men will surely boost their egos. It is always beneficial to make those receiving your promotional items feel "unique" and "special". And those men feeling good about themselves may just give your company a call and you will get some business...all from a simple promotional product!

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