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What Goes Into Your Promotional Conference Folders?

Promotional conference folders can be used to promote your business in many different ways. Most often, they're handed out at industry conferences and seminars, either by the organizers or by individual presenters. They may be used in lieu of presentation folders to deliver sales presentations to prospective clients, distributed to employees and sales staff to hold their sales materials or used to hold agendas and meeting materials at board meetings or other important events. What goes into your promotional conference folders depends on their intended use.

The Standard Promotional Conference Folder

When you organize a conference, the promotional conference folder presents an opportunity to offset some of the expenses of the conference itself. Generally, the conference sponsor earns top billing and their name on the front of the conference folder (along with the most real estate on the conference bag and other promotional materials). Other sponsors are usually invited to include promotional and informational literature in the promotional conference folders, depending on the amount of their contribution. A silver sponsor may earn the right to include a sample or promotional item in the conference bag and full color leaflets or booklets in the conference folder. Lower levels of sponsorship might only be invited to include a single sheet in the promotional conference folders distributed to attendees.

If you choose conference folders that have additional pockets, sponsors might be offered the opportunity to provide items to fill the conference folders. One might supply calculators with their imprint, for instance, in return for a contribution of a particular size. Another might be invited to supply a promotional CD to fill the CD pocket. Most major companies will jump at the chance to associate their names with something as widely distributed as the conference folder. Even a printed pen is fair game to raise some extra funds.

A Presenter's Promotional Conference Folder

As a presenter, you might use promotional conference folders to organize literature and informational materials in support of your presentation. Depending on the complexity of your subject, you might include one-sheets that describe the product, leaflets or brochures. If you have a presentation on CD or an advertisement, you can include the CD by using promotional conference folders with CD pockets. If your intent is more promotional than informational, you might add extra value to the promotional value by including extra goodies - imprinted with your slogan or company name, of course. A quality writing instrument, a printed calculator, even a USB Flash drive all have places in a promotional conference folder.

The Sales Presentation Folder

Promotional conference folders make excellent sales presentation folders for high end sales promotions. If you're trying to sell a contract to a major company or customer, you'll want to make the best impression possible. Start that impression off the right way by enclosing all of your promotional and informational materials in a high quality promotional conference folder that doubles as a corporate gift. When your sales associated have all of their materials carefully organized along with any equipment that they need to make their presentation, your company will look professional, organized and right on top of every eventuality.

Whatever use you put promotional conference folders to, you should opt for the best quality that your budget will stand. Your image - and your company - will benefit.

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