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The Most Reliable China Dropshipping Companies I've Tried and Tested Myself

These days, most of the items are sold over eBay. Most of these wholesalers and selling items are from China. The common question which arises is how to find reliable and trustworthy China dropshipping companies.

This article would provide you some information on how to search China dropshipping companies.

The very first question which comes in mind for most of the people is why would they use drop shipping company versus buying products at wholesale? Answer to this question is quite easy and straightforward - I would relate one of my personal experiences. When I first started using eBay for sale of products, I found couple of items on eBay from all around the house items to sell. I found there were couple of things which I didn't want however there was some kind return profit termed with these things to sell. Finally I ranout of products to sell and then I started searching for wholesale supplier of items where I could sell on eBay. I continued selling products on eBay, however I realized there was too much of efforts and time spent on selling items and that lead to learn a lesson. The best approach to do this would be involving a drop shipper and contact China Dropshipping Companies.

A dropshipper would keep the inventory records of the items you would want to sell and also own the responsibility of shipping the items to customers. There are number of Drop Shipping Companies in China and the beauty of such companies is that you would not need to purchase any item from them unless you choose to sale any product. This method gives you a lot of flexibility and through this you could list the items on eBay and these items need not be owned by you. Further if these items sell then you can purchase the products and items from dropshipper and on other hand the dropshipper would ensure the items are sent to your customer.

The other important factor is on how to locate reliable China Dropshipping Companies. It's not easy to find them. The key to find such company is to persuade your eBay service provider and many a times they do give the information. There are also number of online forum's available wherein you can logon and search for China Dropshipping Companies contact list.

In this way China Dropshipping Companies have been popular for the easy mode shipment and safe mode of shipments thereby saving time and money for most of the wholesalers.

Catherine R. Rihn has been in drop shipping business for a few years and rakes in nearly $60, 000 in a year. She's offering a free list of the best reliable China Dropshipping Companies at her website.

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Update Time: 2014-11-14

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