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Facts You Should Know Before You Use an Eco Friendly Water Bottle Or Any Water Bottle

We all know that the newest craze is bottled water. There are two important facts that you should know and I would like to give them to you today.

First, the bottles that are used are harmful to the environment. Over 60 million plastic bottles are produced, transported and disposed of every day in the U.S.A. It has gotten so bad that some cities are now declaring a ban on bottled water for city use. Some are even adding a tax to help discourage its use by customers.

Second, there have been studies that show that the water in bottles is virtually the same as what everyone gets in their taps at home. There is a perception that bottled is better that has been pitched by marketers using words like underground aquifer and pristine mountain springs.

If you do even more research on quality of water, you will find that there are many toxic chemicals and organisms that are found in water supplies across the country. I know that when I found out about all these things that I decided it was time for my family to get some sort of water filtration system.

I suggest to anyone trying to live healthier that they invest in a system to make sure they are not ingesting any of the chemicals that are found in water. It takes a little time to research what to buy and to set a budget.

In summary, not only is the plastic a problem but the water itself can be a problem. Start today doing research for yourself. It does not take that long and I know that you will be satisfied once you make your decision.

If you want to learn more about water quality and how it helped me in my decision for my home then check out my link below

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Update Time: 2014-11-13

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