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What You Need to Know About More Water Bottles for Kids

With people becoming more health conscious, parents are taking steps to ensure that their children are getting enough fluids. Many schools in the warmer states suggest that children carry their own water bottle. Because of this trend there are more water bottles for kids on the market today. There are some things that should be considered when purchasing a bottle for a child.

The first thing to look at is how leak proof the bottle is. Children are naturally rough on their belongings so you want to be sure that what they carry is sealed tight to prevent leaks. You need to consider that the bottle is not likely to remain upright so it must resist leaking when on its side.

Check to make sure that there is a rubber ring inside the lid to keep fluid from getting out. Remember that not every lid is going to be leak proof even with a lining. Some stores will give demonstrations to show customers that the product does not leak.

You should also think about the size that is right for your child. A child's hands are smaller than an adults. You want the child to be able to easily carry the bottle. In addition, if the bottle is too heavy when full your child is not likely going to want to carry it.

Purchasing the bottle that has an attractive design or favorite character on it is also a good idea. Children will want to carry the bottle and will be less likely to forget it. You can also let your children choose their own bottle so they can pick out one they really like.

There is also a concern regarding the type of material the bottle is made with. Parents want to make sure children are well hydrated but they do not want them drinking from toxic material. Today, there are many bottles made without any toxic materials. Personal preference comes in here with choices of stainless steel, aluminum or plastic.

More water bottles for kids are available in stores today. It is important to consider the size, shape, style, and price of the bottle. The cost is important since it can vary greatly. However, you might consider paying a little more for the right bottle that is made from safe materials. No matter what you are looking for in a water bottle you are sure to find one to meet the needs of your kids.

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