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Make Your Bike Water Bottle a Key Part of Your Customer's Cycling Gear

A bike water bottle is an important part of any cyclist's equipment kit. Whether you ride a road bike or a mountain bike, making certain that you stay hydrated is important if you want to keep functioning at a competitive level. The longer that you go without drinking any liquids, the harder it is on your body to keep functioning optimally. Because of this reason, many long distance bikers will keep at least two bottles with them on their rack. This helps to ensure that you can drink whenever you can and keep functioning at competitive level. However, it is important to remember that you do not want to drink too much when you are exercising, as this can make you feel sick.

The type of bike water bottle that you choose should be dependent on several factors. First, you need to pick a bottle that fits your bike. If you already have a bottle cage on your bike, you will have to select a bottle that fits your cage. A proper fit in the cage is important, as a poorly fitting bottle can be either hard to get out of the cage or fall out of the cage at an inopportune time. However, the situation may arise that it is hard to find a bottle that fits your cage. If you are in this situation, you may wish to replace the cage on your bicycle and purchase the bottle that suits your riding style rather than trying to buy a bottle that is inferior. It is crucial that you have a bottle that matches your cage, as you can injure yourself if you have to struggle with getting your bottle free from the cage. When you are riding, the bottle should be easy to remove and replace into the cage at all times. However, it is also important that you time your drinking to easier stretches of your ride. If you cannot stop to drink, you should only try to drink from your bottle when you are able to take your attention off of your course long enough to drink.

If you want to use a bike water bottle as a part of your advertising campaign, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. First, the needs of the cyclist should always be remembered. While there are many types of water bottles designed for cyclists, it is important that you choose a model of bottle that will fit in the most common types of cages. Neglecting to do this can result in spending a lot of money on bottles that won't be used. If you take your time and select bottle shapes that are compatible with the most common type of cages, you can avoid this error. In addition to this, your logo placement should also keep cage designs in mind. As cyclist bottles tend to rest in cages, you want your logo to be visible despite the cage. The easiest way to keep your logo visible is to place it near the neck of the bottle. In addition to this, you will want to use colours that stand out against the colour of the bottle itself. This will also do a great deal to improve your logo's visibility.

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