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Aluminum Water Bottles Are a Well Received Promotional Item

Aluminum water bottles are an excellent alternative for those who are not comfortable with the risks that are associated with using plastic bottles. As the amount of publicity relating to the risks of Bisphenol-A and the sanitary concerns of hard to clean plastics, metal bottles are quickly growing momentum as the preferred bottle of choice. Unlike plastic bottles, bottles made of metals are easier to clean, more resistant to damage, and have a longer lifespan. In addition to this, as the base materials are typically of a higher quality, the construction is usually better, allowing the bottles to not only look good but be functional as well. However, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind if you do want to use aluminum bottles.

First, aluminum water bottles should be treated with some caution in hot conditions. Unlike plastic bottles, metal bottles can get hotter or colder, which can affect the temperature of the liquids inside. Fortunately, many companies anticipate this temperature problem and insulate their aluminum bottles so that the liquid inside stays a moderate temperature. If you leave one of these bottles out in the sun, it is suggested that you take a moment to carefully touch the side of the bottle to ensure that it is not too hot to handle. If you are a participant in winter sports, it is strongly suggested that you only use aluminum bottles if they have a plastic rim or protective cap to prevent your skin from touching the metal. This can help prevent damage to your skin from the cold of the metal touching your flesh. This is only an issue in extreme temperatures.

One of the benefits to using aluminum water bottles in your sports activities is the fact that they are very light weight without sacrificing any durability. This allows you to take them anywhere, be it over rock climbs or on a casual jog, without fear of the bottle breaking at an inopportune time. Because of the weight, they will not add any additional strain to what may already be strenuous exercise. This allows you to clip them on your belt or put them in your pack, as well as allow you to easily handle them during whatever activity that you may do. They are particularly suitable for cycling, as they can be roughly handled without any risk of damage to the bottle itself. Many plastic bottles do not share this advantage, as rough handling may crack or warp the plastic.

If you wish to use aluminum water bottles are a part of your advertising campaigns, there are several ways that you can make use of them. You can either give these bottles away for free or sell the bottles to those who are interested in having a high quality bottle. In either case, you should make certain that your bottle is customized to proudly display your company's logo. Your logo should be as high quality as you can make it, allowing your customers to clearly see what company created the bottle. Branding advertising, which these bottles are a part of, rarely see immediate returns, but instead focus on future visits by same and new customers. When you purchase your bottles, you may wish to purchase in bulk, as you can get a better price per bottle on all bulk orders.

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