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Stainless Steel Water Bottles - What Are the Advantages of Using Stainless Steel Water Bottles

When it comes to buying a drink bottle there are many alternatives, most of which can be compared and bought online, but the most popular type is increasingly being purchased is the stainless steel water bottle. There is a long list of advantages for using such bottles, including durability and reusability, but the real benefits of such bottles become apparent when they are compared to other bottles made of different materials like plastic and aluminum.

Top quality manufacturers of reusable bottles have begun designing and manufacturing stainless steel water bottles after replace plastic and aluminium bottle alternatives that are currently on the market. Stainless steel, and particularly 304 grade (or 18/8), is one of the most hygienic materials available, so hygienic in fact that the same material is often used in the manufacture of surgical equipment and kitchen utensils. These bottles therefore have the advantage of reducing the risk of water contamination that is apparent with plastic and aluminium water bottle alternatives, through the potential leaching of BPA and other chemicals.

Water stored in such bottles is highly effective in retaining the flavour and purity of the drink, which is not necessarily the case with plastic or aluminium water bottle alternatives. In aluminium bottles for example, an epoxy resin inner lining is baked on at 400 Degrees Celsius in order to prevent the aluminium from contaminating the water. This epoxy resin however contains many chemicals that are themselves, at risk of contaminating water over time, as they eventually degrade and leach into the water. Similar to plastic these many different types of chemicals are consumed by drinking the contaminated water, which over time increases the risk of affecting your health, particularly if the drink bottle is used on a regular basis, such as daily or over a long period of time.

Given a similar weight, durability and price to plastic bottles and aluminium bottle alternatives, it is apparent that stainless steel water bottles should not be overlooked when buying a bottle. Their superior material qualities make it a better alternative for reducing the risk of water contamination and the need to effectively maintain it. They are proof that drink bottles are not all the same, and should be researched and chosen appropriate considerations.

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