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Metal Water Bottles - Is a Metal Bottle a Better Choice for Storing Drinking Water?

Finding a place to store clean drinking water is a challenge. There have been many experiments as well as innovations which have been adopted from time to time. Metal water bottle is a latest one that seems to cater to almost all concerns about storing healthy drinking water.

Why metal, plastic drinking water bottles are great too, aren't they?

Yes, plastic bottles were great too. But there are concerns being raised about the contents of chemicals used in these. Presence of chemicals like the BPA have made it necessary for Governments of several countries to rethink the use of plastic for storing food stuff. BPA is currently being used as a binding agent for all plastic material. This includes water bottles, baby feeding bottles, plates, etc.

People who love the planet Earth are rethinking about extensive use of plastic since it is not environmentally friendly. It takes longer to disintegrate plastic than any other material.

Plastic water bottles are also found to be carcinogenic. This is because of presence of toxins in all plastic material to some extent.

What other alternative is there?

Another healthy alternative to storing drinking water is glass. However, there are some shortcomings of this material too. Firstly, glass is a little heavier. Lighter glass bottles would be expensive. Glass is also brittle, so the chances that you would need to replace a bottle every now and then increases. There is another shortcoming, broken glass shreds. These are dangerous around children, so in a household with toddlers and young children, glass needs to be used carefully.

Glass bottle would be difficult to carry because of its weight and the brittleness. Moreover, it is difficult to find absolutely leak proof glass bottle.

So the alternative is metal water bottle?

Metal water bottle is comparatively a new invention. These are made of stainless steel food grade. Moreover, the manufacturers have kept in mind the necessity of carrying a water on person; therefore, these have been created air tight and lighter in weight. Also no one would like own one that looks ugly; in fact attractive water bottles are very much in demand. So these have been made really attractive using a range of colors only on the external side. Internally, you would seldom find an alternative which would allow you to store water without having to fear from any chemical intrusion. So, these happen to be toxin and BPA free bottles.

Metal water bottle is always long lasting. In fact, if used well you can expect a life time guarantee on these. You will also find another unique feature that has not been found with any other type of bottles that is to keep the temperature of water or liquid inside these bottles the same for some hours.

With so many advantages, there are quite a few alternatives to metal water bottle.

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