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Consigning Creative, Unique Gift Products Can Provide High Profits

Many home business operators create unique logoed and name-dropped gift products using simple product printing equipment. Utilizing simple product printing equipment such as a hand operated pad printer, or dye-sublimation gear, they create gift products quickly, inexpensively, and on a "spec" basis, meaning small quantity. With such equipment, the artwork, which is the valuable component in this idea, can be quickly applied to a blank product for a few dollars in set-up costs, and pennies per item. The value of the blank is thus multiplied many times by the application of a few penny's worth of ink, if that ink conveys a funny image, a souvenir name drop, or a commemorative logo.

Here are just two case studies. Ron Ellis was famous for printing on, of all things, coconuts with zippers! Ron, a retired Marine, Shriner, and a professional clown, worked from his home in Albuquerque. He was devoted to children's charities. The coconut supplier produced them in India. After the milk was extracted, they were cut in half, and a zipper was glued into them to make a fun keepsake case. This company had no way to print on the uneven and varied shapes of the coconut. Ron solved the problem with his hand-operated pad printing machine, and by adding a penny's worth of ink, made zippered coconuts sell in high volume. Who in the world buys printed coconuts? Chevron used them in a trade show. Disney Studios used them in a movie press release with a compressed T-shirt packaged inside. Several Nevada casinos enclosed gold chocolate coins and poker chips inside and placed them on the pillows of deluxe guest rooms. Ron's largest customer was a Naval museum which sold them as souvenirs of John F. Kennedy's World War II PT Boat service. Kennedy famously carved a rescue message on a coconut, which is what Ron printed on them. Ron eventually printed over 300,000 coconuts at 75 cents print charge each. He earned a fortune on just this one product and client.

A professional cowgirl in Wyoming with a home-based pad printing machine taught us all how great this idea is. She had a knack for western humor and printed her own drawings on souvenir coffee cups, consigning them to a gas station gift shop in Laramie. They were displayed on a 2 foot by 6 foot shelf. I once asked the station owner if they sold well. He told me that he makes $80,000 per year from that shelf from highway travelers who want a souvenir of surviving that long stretch of desert. Later, she created a baby gift, printing small white tin cups with her own blue cowboy and pink cowgirl angel designs, along with cute baby poems. The blank cup cost $1.10 from the supplier. She consigned them to a western gift shop in Denver where they retailed for $10. The shop paid her back $5 each with their re-orders. That shop owner featured them in an article in American Cowboy Magazine which took the product viral. That taught her, and then the rest of us, that reaching a national market can be as simple as consigning to a single local gift shop. Using that hand operated pad printer, she shipped up to 20,000 pieces per month. With about $4 profit each, that one project made a very fine income indeed. The supplier of the tin cup told her she was their largest wholesale customer for that tin cup next to Target Stores.

Combining a smidgen of creativity, with the consignment offer, these home-based product printers proved that shop owners are eager for unique, logo souvenirs. Consignment eliminates the shop keeper's risk of trying a new product, and eliminates the budget objection. That allows these home-based business folk limitless opportunities for offering new product ideas.

Fred T Martin is a Business Trainer, Seminar Presenter, and Aviation Author. He is the Managing Director of http://www.SelfEmployedU.com, soon to be a premier home business opportunity site on the web. His other blogs and information are at http://www.FredTMartin.com

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