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Custom Promotional Items - Make Them Work

How you can use Custom Promotional Items

The best thing about custom promotional items is that you have a good amount of options. If you choose the wrong promo item, than you might do more harm than good. You have to be willing to spend more money on a product that will work instead of settling for a sub par promotional item. Your organization should pick a product that will work for it in a positive way. Say you work with school a lot, than try and pick something that schools can use to there benefit. Maybe binders? Custom Sweatbands for their schools basketball team? Maybe something for the professors to wear around. Once they have these they will be extremely appreciative and your company will get known throughout your community. The previous was an example of a small way in which you can use a promo item. A big example would be buying 20,000 headbands for New Years Eve in NYC. This unique promotional object would have your logo and a web address to find you on the net. The true power is that you will be giving these away for free and everyone will have them on. You have to understand that your marketing efforts will live on in photos on everyone's favorite social networks, which will give you world wide exposure.

How much cash am I going to need?

It's easy to get carried away with custom promotional items, but it simply doesn't matter as long as it works. You could spend a million dollars on marketing and only one thing matters: do you get a return on your investment? You may spend more then you want, but what's key is seeing that return in the following year. Sometimes you won't be able to tell if these campaigns work right away because it takes time for things to circulate. If you succeed than you will see a few sales to start with, than throughout the year you will see more and more. This is the type of outcome that you want to see.

Making the Move

When you decide, do it with the rest of your company. Do not go in on this alone unless you are extremely confident and even then it is a big risk. The thing is you need to bounce ideas off your team or other people at least. If go it alone you could make a bad investment which will be bad for everyone involved.

In closing custom promotional items could really add to your marketing campaign. And they could make your sales triple over time. You want to target the product you pick so specifically that it will almost be guaranteed to get in photos around the Internet. The days of the customer coming to you are over, now you need to find them.

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Update Time: 2014-11-12

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