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Wholesale Gifts - How To Create Business & Loyalty

The wholesale gifts industry is estimated to be in $18.01 billion business by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). On the PPAI site, they explain how companies now have a more significant grasp of the important correlation between promotional products and business growth.

Just think about for a minute how important of a role gifts play in building a business. Being able to give that strategic gift at the right time to the right client is key. It is not because you're bribing your client to do business with you, however it is because you are aware of what they like and you prove to be thoughtful enough to spend your time and money on their needs.

That is why the wholesale gift industry is so huge today. We are in the sports memorabilia industry and hundreds of huge corporations purchase sports memorabilia and collectibles to give away to their clients, customers, and employees. Sports incentives work very well because most people are very loyal to certain teams and players. It is very easy to know who likes what team since most fans are very vocal and show their team pride.

Just imagine a Dallas Cowboys fan getting a piece of memorabilia from their favorite Dallas Cowboy. What kind of loyalty would that create? Let's say you're getting ready to close a big deal and you find out that your prospective customer loves NFL memorabilia. So you find their favorite team and purchase a really cool piece of sports memorabilia for them. That will get you a lot farther than giving them a gift certificate to a restaurant.

And, to top it, off they will tell everyone that comes into their office about where they got the prized piece of sports memorabilia!

So you can see why the wholesale gifts industry is so big. Companies and employers are realizing the benefit of strategically taking care of their people. The key is to find out what your client or prospect really likes.

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Update Time: 2014-11-12

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