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Promoting the Attraction - Using Wholesale to Enhance the Customer Experience

Do you run a theme restaurant or other special attraction? Are you looking for ways for your guests to remember their experience at your facility? Special give-a-ways, such as souvenir mugs, t-shirts or toys are a great way for guests to take a piece of their dining and entertainment experience home with them. In addition, it is a great way for you to get additional marketing mileage thanks to your guests carrying or wearing your promotional items.

However, you need to look for a way to cover the costs of these free items without affecting the level of service you provide. One way you can order these items is through a wholesale supplier. Wholesale suppliers offer large quantities at low costs. The key is to find a wholesaler who offers a range of products can customize your order and turn the order around in a timely manner. If you happen to have multiple properties, your wholesaler can ship directly to each location, saving your company money on shipping to a central location and then distributing to the separate properties.

Like any good business, you need to be aware of the reputation of your wholesale supplier. Whether you use local or online wholesalers, you can check out their businesses using a variety of resources. Many online forums provide feedback on wholesale suppliers. The Better Business Bureau can provide information for both local and online companies.

When checking out prospective suppliers, you must not only check their reputations, but also look into their pricing, payment terms and turnaround time on the order. You will also want to know about any hidden costs, return policies for damaged or wrong orders and specifications for sending your artwork on personalized or logo merchandise.

These items will be a reminder to your customers about the great experience that they had at your restaurant. Your promotional items should be vibrant, creative and fun. Most of all, they should be within a reasonable price range and used to enhance your business, not cut into the bottom line.

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