Muslim Azan Clocks: A perfect reminder clock , 【Knowledge Guide and Tips】-

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Muslim Azan Clocks: A perfect reminder clock

Why you need to buy a Muslim Azan Clock?

Keeping self-ready for the azan time is a big task for any Muslim. The trouble gets worse when the life-schedule is hectic and it gets easy to lose the track of time on a regular basis. To ensure that you never miss an azan, a reminder is a good option. The Muslim Azan Clock does exactly the same. The product automatically stores the azan time for all five azans, and then reminds you of the each individual time. The product is available for order in wholesale, and you can order it from anywhere in the world. The product can be shipped from China.  

When and where to use the Muslim Azan Clock?

The Muslim Azan Clock can be used as a fine piece of promotional products and the use of this product is certainly universal. You can use the product as per your needs as it is customized to select the auto alarms for azan times as per about 1150 cities. Just purchase the product and set the desired city; and the clock will remind you of all the five-azan timings in periodic manner. The screen also showcases the five-azan timings.

Things to Consider When Buying Muslim Azan Clock

Before you place the order on the website for the Muslim Azan Clock, do check if the product covers your city in the pre-defined list of 1150 cities for customized azan times. Remember that the product ships directly from China; hence, the delivery charges and the delivery time may vary depending on your location. It is mandatory to order the product as a wholesale order. While you are purchasing the product, take notice of the calendar you follow as the product follows Hijri and the Georgian Calendar. Apart from these, look out for the durability status of the product before purchasing it.

Warning and Tips:

The Muslim Azan Clocks come with auto azan times of 1150 cities, but you can also configure it to match the azan times of your city as well. To make the promotional products more customized, you may also use the snooze button option, and the ability to set alarm for daily or weekend’s basis. Try keeping the clock stored in a less moisture area to keep its functionality intact. 


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