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Stylish and Practical Ashtray

Why you need to buy ashtray?

Ashtrays can serve as an effective marketing tool. Available in many new shapes and designs, ashtrays make a good gifting item, especially within the corporate circle. If you are working on any exciting marketing campaign, you can decide to use ashtrays as promotional products to increase your visibility in your professional relationships. To get going with this endeavour, all you would need to do is look for customized choices. For any professional help, you can look for a wholesale contact person in China. He will be able to deliver your personalised orders within stipulated time at low cost.

When and where to use ashtray?

Choose a nice ashtray for gifting on any special event, occasion or festival. This will be best suitable for business circles consisting of investors, stake holders, partners, colleagues, etc. To ensure success, you would just have to get it embossed with a nice logo or message so that every time the person uses this he will have a constant reminder of your brand or company. You can also pick an ashtray for personal use or personal gifting purpose. For the latter’s use, you can explore the range of decorative ashtray items available in interesting shapes.

Things to consider when buying ashtray

Ashtrays are made of glass, stainless steel, silver, poly-resin, plastic, zinc alloy and other such materials. At the time of buying, it’s important to examine their quality as well as finishing. Since ashtrays can be chosen for gifting on different occasions, you have to be careful of the shape and design you pick. For instance, for corporate gifting goals, you can buy promotional ashtrays in a nice colour. You can also take a chance with decorative ashtray pieces such as frog shape ashtrays, plastic penguin ashtrays, etc. For a clear idea on all these varieties, reach out to a wholesale store which specialises in customized products.

Warning and tips


Different shapes, sizes and styles can be seen in ashtrays. While picking from any of them, do pay an attention to their finishing and price. If you think these will be apt as promotional products, then focus mainly on customized range. Make sure the price is not too high because otherwise your budget may suffer. For wholesale orders, you can contact suppliers in China. They can offer you personalised ashtrays at low pricing.


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